Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hi there!

I am Kanupriya Kulshreshtha.This IS my real name as i really don't believe in any pseudo identities.The idea itself is so off putting!I am glad I am me..so I guess the world should know me for being myself no matter what so ever they think of me after that.OOoo..I can confuse myself also at times!Okay..lets get back on track.To start with I was named after a compilation of romantic poems by the famous Indian poet Dharamveer Bharti.It means Krishna's (Kanu) beloved (priya)..Radha.Yes o yes..I am God's beloved!I live in the city of Taj..Agra.Now for the name of my blog..Antheia..The Goddess of Vegetation, Lowlands, Marshlands, Gardens, Blossoms, the Budding Earth, and Human Love.It has no as such significance in my life but the fact that I love the idea of being a Goddess.

Right now I am enjoying the blissful lethargy I am in.My school ending examinations have just got over & now I am free until the result comes.Then I will be running around for college admissions.I spend my days sleeping & wondering what to do next.I have found myself some interesting books to read.The bottom line is that I have loads of time but to less to do..I really need to shed this complacence & get down to business.My mum is after my life to clear the mess in my room but i find cleaning up tiresome & unproductive.(well maybe its another excuse..sorry ma I promise I will do the cleaning..some day I guess!But don't feel bad, that day is not far away..really.:DD)

I love music..I am huge Enrique Iglesias fan & an avid Jazz listener.Any tune that touches my heart is what I like..I dont stick to genres..that would be like binding art in your boundaries.Art can be of different forms just like women with different beauties..you cant & you certainly shouldn't think one superior to the other.I am a passionate dancer..trained in Indian classical Dance form of Kathak.My biggest passion is dancing.I forget about the world when i groove..its just me & the music.Its a divine feeling..its like when the music takes over I just breakfree from all my links.

I'm getting bored..I mean why is it that every time you log in..there is no one 2 chat!When ur face reads "LEAVE ME ALONE" it is then when 5 people pop up in your chat window!So on the other tab of my browser I am boring myself to death playing quirky quizzes on facebook.

So i should get back to talking normal..today I received my admit card for the IIST-ISAT. Ya IIST stands for Indian Institute of Space Research & Technology in Trivandrum, Kerela.Imagine..me..a space scientist!The people who actually know me will laugh there heads off!ha ha! Its not that Im a nobrain-er..actually im pretty bright..my brain waves are pretty strong..I got 94% in 10th boards & I'm a good quiz master (I think i should stop) but I connect more to my creative self.Plus I hate to study.I have no as such pressures from my family to be some Geeky scientist but it does not hurt to give it all a try,does it?

Man I'm starving..I would love to have some grilled fish yum!That reminds me..I actually belong to a vegan family!Out of the four of us (Mum, dad & my sis) I am the most avid foodie & green leafy vegetables can never be on my menu!

I have nothing exciting to tell basically..I am to lazy to do anything exciting right now..nor I am adventurous.I've said goodbye to my school days so all the excitement has escaped my life.No girly giggles..no daily gossips..no fooling around!Nearly 12 years of...umm..at times blissful..sometimes bizarre times.Im glad that Im done with my uniform..ya you got that right..uniform!You see Ive done my schooling in a Kendriya Vidhyalaya (Central School)..in easier words..Ive studied in a Govt. School.In most schools in my country..Uniforms found in all hues are compulsory.My School uniform was decided upon by the first Prime Minister Of India, Pt.Jawaharlal Nehru.But i dont think he had any style himself..Plus the time in which our school was made was way too different.Mum says im just actin like a quirky teen who has a problem with everything..she also asserts that within days time Ill start missing my uniform like she did herself.Whoa! I dont think a white blouse, navy blue skirt & Pig tails with red ribbons (ya u got that right..red!) are worth missing.I do miss a lot of other things though, like my mates, teachers etc etc..school days were safe, secure & fun!!God knows what varsity life has in store for me.Really..school is like your burrow..You can fool around & get away with it, no one cares if your the geek or the nerd..equality prevails.Your teachers..they certainly care for you contrary to the professors you will find in colleges.The crowd here adores you..you have your own fixed place in the class..your own special group of friends who always cover up for you when you're out bunkin classes, help you hide when you want a little snooze in class.In short I mean Im going to lose all this when I reach the entrance of my college!! Man..this is one Raw deal!

Did I tell you that i'm one proud daughter of an IAF officer..(look at that!my cheese sandwitches have arrived!thanx ma!) My life has been like a gypsy due to just that.As far i can remember..I have grown up in 6 different cities, changed 10 different residences & studied in 5 different schools (mostly KVs).On top of that I have loads of buddies from different places & a first hand experience of how our Indian Fighter aircrafts are like!I am so in love with my life!

Pretty people..that's all for now..next time I ll tell you about all the cuties who have made my life the way it is!

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  1. i know..this is a good mind freak.....may be u wanna check the eyesight of the person..and ur smiley is suiting on that :-)...and i m not going to waste my eyes...i use an easy way to read that......
    but undoubtedly this was a gr8 effort by u...(may b it is a older post)....but as i feel both lyf whether school or college have there own significance....and u can feel that as u are also in college....
    so what u feel what is better school or college..??