Tuesday, May 18, 2010

At the Bottom of the Ocean..

Finally today I have a lots to write...strange title isnt it? But this post is nt like any other.Its for a dear one who will surely see the titles significance.I know, even I dont wish to keep you in darkness...this honey bun is Ankita aka Blueberry Cheese cake aka Paharon ki rani aka Paro.
I met Ankita back in '07 on a pleasant spring evening in a birthday bash.back then the two of us were quirky teens with red zits adorning our cute faces.She was deliciously thin as for me...pumpkin could have been a nice nickname.Hey chikita....remember Vaishakh and his crazy lines!!(sorry Vaishakh!!if you ever happen to read this...) Soon enough we had to part.
she found me a year later via social networking and the next thing I knew, she was coming back to me!!As they say, true love keeps bouncing back to you.We spent hours together talking over the phone, taking long walks on dulcet evenings and further still chatting over the net.
Did i tell you that we are poles apart? I am Ms.Pink Panther while she is the Punk Princess and what you have here is a delicious cocktail...PinkiPunk!!I love Pink, she adores blue..I groove to jazz and its Rock all the way for her.I am the Geek she is the Punk.That reminds me, we even planned to get our kiddos married my Pinki with her Punk, what a cute couple they would make! Trust me guys, this is just an instance of our wild world!!
We met as dreamy eyed girlies with only each other by our sides to endure....well..lots of stuff!Now as we part...we have transformed into young ladies who are sure of what they are looking for.We are looked at as a weird pairing and mostly we have found ourselves in knots but I would stick to the fact that we have a little world of our own and there are certain parts of me that I have never shared with anyone but her.
How can I ever forget my Chinese Budday and tonnes of other inside jokes I share with her.I am a little introvert when it comes to flaunting emotions but I promise you kid Ill turn into a broody hen if ever you need me.(you have seen that avatar of mine, haven't  you?)Even if you don't need me your Basanti will forever be there with you.At this very moment you are scaling miles across the globe and I am here at loss of precise words to give form to what is on my mind.(yea..I am going a little hay wire here!)
I sat down to write a lot of stuff but look at me...I have reached a dead end here.i think I'll sign off from here and let you understand the rest like you always do.

P.S. Please don't kill me for posting those last day pictures!I think however we look...ITS US at the end of the day...the way I want us to be forever.
P.P.S.Hope you didn't forget my present from Europe!He he..I'll be waiting for it! 

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