Saturday, July 3, 2010

Girls.... unplugged!

I highly regret my last post, I soon realized it was just a clumsy piece of my mind that shouldn't have come out in the first place so I went ahead to erase it completely.

Yesterday I was reading this book, THE FEMALE BRAIN
 by Louann Brizendine.... it caught my eye as it was the only tormented book on my book shelf. I wondered how it reached there as I did not remember buying one with that title or getting it as a present. Then it struck me, my dad got it from Delhi Airport when we were headed to Gangtok for our annual holiday. Dad remarked that in spite of having three females in the house he was unable to understand what made us tick and hence the book...... after that all I remember is that the book was mistakenly left outside and the evil rain became the cause of its present state.

I was just able to get past the first few chapters.... and I found out that there are so many reasons behind the fact that we are referred the fairer sex. Behind the book I could see my first evidence of triumph... it was written in big bright letters "Did you know that all human brains begins as a female brain and that it only becomes male eight weeks after conception?"

The first chapter consisted of some mind boggling biological terms ( I used to suck at biology till 10th, I got rid of it after that...) and some tongue twisting hormone names and yet some more serious stuff that left my tiny bran squeaking. By the next chapter, with some witty comments and interesting case studies, the book lured me to read it more carefully. One instance was regarding how the female brain is hard wired to be motherly since childhood, it boasted of a mother who unwittingly handed her three year old daughter a bright red fire truck and one day found her cuddling the truck in a baby blanket, rocking it back and forth saying " Don't worry little truckie, everything will be alright."

All my fellow women would relate to the fights we had as pre teens which were devoted in proving  superiority over boys in every possible ways. Great news is that I have solid evidence which back my theory and the sad news is that I have no one to argue with and put up my interesting findings in front of. But duh! I have a blog to fit the bill.

Firstly, I was always told that women do not make good engineers or doctors as their understanding in technical subjects lags behind. But my dear subjects, the statement is utterly false! The female brain has larger parts that process emotion and communication and hence they find technical subjects dry and dull. The women who end up in technical fields mostly end up citing career shifts answering their true calls. i can very much relate to that, I had always been naturally good at subjects like Maths and Physics but at the same time I do find them utterly dull. My shift towards art and design after 12th is a great example of what I am trying to explain here.

Ever wondered why girls play pretend games like house, fashion show etc etc and boys go kicking about destroying stuff till the time all the little girls go away screaming and start crying? It is largely due to the huge centers for imagination that these little angels house in their top floor.
her centers for communication and emotion are so highly developed in the female brain that even as infants, females gaze at faces looking for emotions. One might have seen that more often girl babies are more responsive to faces and they smile with you when you smile and gurgle when you make funny faces while a baby boy would just look away while you try to grab attention. this is also the reason why little girls are more obedient than their male counter parts as they can readily read vocal tones and process them accordingly, so when you sternly instruct a little boy not to break anything and still goes out to destroy it its not that he is evil or anything... it is just the fact that he is not able to identify the seriousness of your statement and furthermore, plain curiosity. Now I can relate to one of my childhood incident when once I went up to my mothers beautiful ceramic doll collection and my mother very lovingly said " no no no... isse mat chuna"  The next time my curiosity took me their once again.... my mom saw me telling myself the same way.. "no no no no..."

 Did you ever notice that whenever you are going through a rough a rough patch in your life, its mostly your female friends who help you sail through it. They will want to know every detail of it as in how, when, what and when. While our counterparts will just hand out a tissue and go skipping about away from the scene of the crime. The answer lies in the hardwired mindsets of both. While women who have a constant need of communication ease their misery and pain by sharing it, sympathize with the ones going through it and will try to be their for them, the men process their pain by staying alone and think it better to leave the others alone too who are in pain as they would have liked it to be. Furthermore the males are hardwired to be mostly insensitive to signals of distress surging from others around them and only identify the degree of distress on the outbursts of tears. (Now, I don't need have to explain that one, do I?)

I have so much more to say about the girl power but before I am tagged as an aggressive feminist, I would like to conclude this post with my favorite piece of nursery rhyme....

What are little boys made of?
What are little boys made of?
Frogs and snails
And puppy-dogs' tails,
That's what little boys are made of.
What are little girls made of?
What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice
And all that's nice,
That's what little girls are made of.


  1. my dear kp i m in support of ur article. gr8 words placed in oderlly manner describing the sensitivity of female brain and the emotional but responsible attitude towards life since childhood:)

  2. kp gal everythin else is gud. but let me tell u 1 thin. dat guys are as supportive as gals during tough times. i went thru 1, i found that guys i knew or talked 2 about this were much much more understanding and helpful than girls.

  3. you can't possibly beat the science behind this mannu, has any of your guy friend ever sent you basket full of cookies?