Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Yeah baby life has turned into sheer Bliss out here.
Somehow Antheia is unaffected by all the fuss around her, be it CWG fiasco, mid term submissions, sleepless tiresome day or loads of work at hand, she is loving it all and ready to take on everything that comes her way!

Right now, after two continuous weeks of overpowering labour and mind boggling creative churning I think even if my body has nothing more to give, my mind is all the more in action and hence this post is being penned.

I am going to talk about any particular movie today since it has been ages since I sat back with Peach Iced Tea by my side and a Bowl full of Bhujiya to watch a classy flick.....but o yes! Do catch the Italian movie The Son's Room, a regular on NDTV Lumiere..... it captures the grief of a regular middle class family after losing their young enthusiastic son. A true tear jerker I must say, I am not that much of an emotional person especially when it comes to movies but this movie really made me to melt from the core.Bottom line...a must watch.O yes, that reminds me.... I just got my hands on The Roman Holiday (Yup, you guessed is a Audrey Hepburn Classic) and Grease! (How can I ever Stop loving you John Travolta! :* )

You will have to believe me, I was so crammed with work that I didn't even have time to do my nails! (now, if you have been following me diligently and this is not your first post on Antheia then sweetheart you must know that MUMU does NOT leave her nails unattended! They got to be coloured and always in place!)

Imagine....almost like three months back I needed help while crossing the roads (YES I DID!) , used to faint in crowded and crammed places (the phenomena called Ochlophobia) and couldn't help herself with routes....but now I go back and forth from Dwarka to my college in South Delhi....changing the metro at  Rajiv Chowk.... nightmare for Ochlophobics! Guess little Antheia is evolving, loving and living.... or maybe loving evolving as she is living!

P.S. I have been writing for a popular Hindi magazine (its not really a fortune but it is paying off my cosmetic bills!) For the next month I have been approached to pen a cover story on Youth....dear readers (wish there were many! ) :( please I need you're feedback to buy myself a MAYBELLINE XXL Extensions Mascara - VERY BLACK!!

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