Friday, April 8, 2011

Skipping about in the Wilderness

Finally found the the time to push myself here and start ticking!
At last! I am 18! But I don't exactly feel 18...the 8 is somewhere lost in wilderness while 1 is chasing rabbits in her sleep. O please don't tell this to my bank people, they would never let me have an account like this! lol
 Like every other day, I don't have much to say. Life is serving me just fine and I am bouncing about in my very own bubble of joy. A lot is going on in the world around me, India winning the world cup (that was one crazy night!) and the whole thing about Anna Hazzare. I'll tell you what, I really don't feel like talking about these things for once, let these issue talk for themselves. I wanna talk about the world inside me lately.
Can you answer this question for me first? Is it appropriate to waste time and energy arguing and fighting for one's ideas instead of listening to everyone with peace and then putting all of that energy in putting your words to action? 
I used to be this person with fiery ideas and an attitude full of arrogance. Now when I introspect, I find that I have matured over the years and my aggression has channelized towards a productive direction. Of course I have my bad moments when I completely loose it and Lord knows how fierce my fury is, but mostly I take time to react to a conflicting situation. I take a deep breath and find my way out of it with my wits. Yes, it is good to vent out anger at times bu it is wiser to find a peaceful way out. O please, I don't want to loose my beautiful hair over matters that can be easily dealt with. So readers, try me... take it easy, breathe in and think aloud....
Anyways, so much for anger management mantras!
I was reading my own musings this morning and I could not help but question myself.... am I being way too ostentatious? Maybe, my head is telling me... come on... I am a young woman, a little ostentation only adds up to my charm! Doesn't it? *giggles* Okay, jokes apart. People, please tell me if this blog is becoming a portal of self obsession! I would certainly like to see myself stand corrected.
Time to tell you the fun things I am upto these days. I am watching the Cardcaptors series from the top again and I'll tell you what, it feels the same watching it as it did 8 years ago! Next, I am working on this interesting project on Ancient Indian Weapons. Don't take me wrong, I do not have a violent streak. I am to study the aesthetics of it all along with its metamorphosis into the contemporary era. Wicked, ain't it!? There are lot many projects on my plate as the semester end is approaching and I so need my creative mental faculties to be in place and not hopping about in the woods chasing the sun. Gosh! So much creativity to ask for! One thing is certain, being creative is more exhausting than anything else, sometimes I can feel the ideas bursting out of my head. Some bizzare, some sane! They can put your mind up for a toss! 
Damn! I so wanted to go on writing here, but gotta go... dinner time!

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