Friday, February 17, 2012

Home is where the heart is

I know I have been unfair... no posts whatsoever in so many days. But now its time I roll out the heavy artillery (I mean by writing something...not attacking anyone :P )

Yesterday, I was standing outside in my balcony.... randomly watching the airplanes that cut through the evening sky and lazy clouds. Actually I really love balconies, for the soul reason that I enjoy spectating the world beneath my feet and above my eyes... but that is another thing. I was actually thinking about all the houses I have lived in all these years. My childhood has several volumes and each volume has a different home. 8->

You might recall that my father is in the Indian Air Force and hence we change our settlement in approximately every three years and at every new location, we shift in at least two if I look back, I have lived in 12 houses by now. So buckle up, because this post is going to be long.

I cant recall how Kumbhigram (Assam) was like.... I was a newly born when dad got posted there. Mom tells me how they had to live with dairy creamer because there was no milk and how the house help would bring in orchids from the woods for our home. From the windows you could see lush tea gardens and Mom and I would sleep all day till dad came home. 

After bidding farewell to the east we landed in Bareilly. I have vague memories of the place. They had Russian residents there and I am told I mixed with them very well as a toddler... all I remember is that they kept feeding me with chocolates and gave me piggy back rides. :) This was the place where I was blessed with a little sister and tiny tot Mumu (me) went bonkers...bit the infants tiny finger! I think I felt a little shocked at how the nurses took away my mommy and the newly born alien was taking everyone's attention. Anyways...that's history. I remember we had a really pretty yard which was like paradise to me. I loved playing with water and mud, insects were my buddies. I liked eating fresh peas that grew in the backyard and I knew all the flower names by heart! My last memory of Bareilly is when we were moving out to Nal (Bikaner, Rajasthan) and some dudes were taking away my tri cycle. I, a two year old was pretty hysterical about it and the fact that I never actually rode that thing makes it more weird!  8-}

In Nal, we started living in this tiny temporary accommodation which was tinier that the word itself! We slept on boxes, it was a makeshift home for the time being. I recall dad putting a small swing for us just outside, using a wooden plank and a rope. As soon as I was three I joined school and that was the time when dad got us a colorful set of desk and chair for us to do our homework (homework for me....funny doodles for my sister!) the chairs were sunny yellow and the desk was apple red. I remember sticking alphabet stickers on it...which read "MUMU".... far more easier to spell than Kanupriya. We soon got our permanent accommodation which was a duplex and was often visited by the creatures of the desert! On walking a little away from the house was a sand pit which was my favorite place to be. I used to have a sand castle set, complete with a bucket, a shovel and a strainer. B-) We moved out of Nal after my 7Th Birthday to another place called Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh).

Gwalior was different, I went to a huge school as compared to my old one. It took me little while before I settled there but once I did, I made plenty of great friends. I wont stray here... I ll only talk about our house. For some reason I cant recall why we never shifted from our first non status accommodation. But the house was beautiful.... Right in the middle of wilderness. There was a huge Banyan tree in the backyard which seemed like it would take over the house. During the rains Peacocks gave live performances in the front yard! The place was abode to all kind of bug buddies...slugs... millipedes...ladybugs...spiders and fire flies. In that yard I had a tree friend was a Gulmohar tree (Royal Poinciana). The poor thing never bloomed and he was the only imaginary friend I had. I think I always tried to assure him that the coming summer he would bloom with plush red flowers. One day, when I came back from school... I saw the tree all cut up, the branches were gone with the trunk remaining. :-S My parents did not understand why did I burst into tears for a tree.... then I explained them how he was my friend and how unfair it was to cut him up like this because he never bloomed! Dad consoled me by saying that the tree still had life, it would now have new branches and this would help him bear pretty flowers! As the time came to say goodbye, I had grown from a tiny tot to a swanky pre teen....

We packed our bags and moved to Sirsa (Haryana). It was considerably dryer and a smaller place. I remember having a huge window in our room....on my side of the bed. I loved watching what's going outside all day long. Best time was when it rained and I would watch the lightning danced through the clouds! I had some of my best times in Sirsa. >:D< By the time I came in class 9Th, Agra came calling.

Our first house in Agra was built during the British era, the structure was pretty old and our roof housed squirrels and civets! It had a champa tree in the front yard and a lemon tree in the back.... Monkey menace was a everyday feature...they could even open refrigerators and steal. If you went out in the evenings for a walk, you would see cute owlets looking at you..... In our other house, we had this beautifully manicured yard, three time garden contest champion. My favorite part of the garden was the front gate, which was laced with a beautiful creeper which bore orange blooms. A purple sun bird would dwell inside it, making sweet sounds. We had a whole cat family which mom loved feeding. At first it was one female cat, then she brought in her beau, then her kittens....twice! We would take the kittens inside and play with them around the house! When it was time to come to the Capital, me and my sisters left a note for the future tenants, asking them to take care of our creeper and the Cat family.  

This is the last stop.... Dwarka. We live in a four floor high building, among other numerous concrete cages but with my favorite feature...Balconies! Plus this house is a treat during the rains.... cool breeze flows in and out if you open all balconies. We will say goodbye to this house too...once dad gets an accommodation from the Indian Air Force.

Aaah..the good old memories.

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