Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Zodiac, Tarot and the thing we call luck

By the time I was 14...i had virtually memorized the book "the sun signs" better than I could memorize the periodic table of the chemical elements (And as a nerd...that holds a lot of importance, trust me!) At any Chinese joint, I would carefully read about my Chinese zodiac (which is the rooster, by the way) and I still never keep the newspaper down without reading the Aries horoscope. I find it amusing how accurately and sometimes inaccurately these things define my character, my over all future and my day to day activities.

The Sun sign funda correctly defines me as the kid, feiry, impulsive, enthusiastic and someone who's a sour loser. I agree I am every bit of those things. We are said to be the most selfish and the most vain sign out of the whole stellar bunch (I remember reading the phrase "puffy as a peacock") but still...even if I am that kind, I would not like to comment on it. I read Virgo and Aries are a tough match but my mother and my bestie are both Virgo.... so is Beyonce! (you go girls!!) So seriously, though its leisurely to read what an Aries is like, with whom i can get along or not or what is the right career option in my basket.... I don't know if would really think twice before befriending a Taurean!  

Okay, these people are largely right about me but have you ever notice the language of your daily forecasts? How easily they talk of general things which can actually happen to anybody regardless of their signs.... They tell you "watch your health", shouldn't every sign be doing that? Be it a Libra or a Scorpio....they are equally likely to get sick when exposed to the same environment or the same microbes! What they manage to do is write something that largely befits any random man's daily doings....

As far as luck is concerned.... I have a strange habit of keeping baubles in my pockets which give me luck. Moreover i have this superstition that strawberry lip balm makes me feel awesome and nothing ever goes wrong when I am wearing it! When I find a bauble worthy of being "lucky" I test it for luck....you know, keep it in my pocket for a while and see how my days are coming around. Right now a 2 cent coin mom gave me after returning from Germany is under testing. Though I believe my destiny is in my two manicured and pretty hands...a little lucky help never harms! Don't judge me here.... I am not very superstitious, I just like this little ritual. Just like Amitabh Bachchan always tried being called "Vijay" in his movies... though the name can hardly be given credit for his memorable performances. We all have our whimsies!

I guess I really confused you guys today.... what to do? I am at home since May and now I really don't have anything more to do than confuse you with my whimsical brain and its antics! In five days I will be heading back to college...I will be a part of UG III (FD) Muahhahaha!! Maybe then Ill find better things to post and surprise you rather than zap you out of your senses!


  1. exactly having faith in baubles is really not ur superstition and i admit it and admire it cuz i also believe "power of attraction"...every one must put his faith into something they can believe....i knw whatever that is(ur bauble) that gives u enough relax....
    bring it on..!!

  2. well, my whimsies are of all sorts...wearing a certain lip gloss to carrying a lucky bell in my pocket.

  3. thats really gr8...so did feel that u r getting some benifit with all your 'whimsy'(as u say) stuff..??