Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nine is a nice number....

I thought I was okay being alone, to myself...being the one woman show...when a guy popped into my facebook chat one day n sed...."how art thou?" not just that, he showed me my true self and that for him, no matter how messed up i was, I was beautiful...the way i was. I always ask him why u love me and he brushes this question off n says..."dun be too self obsessed." I will never know that answer...But I know there is one, whatever it is...i am glad I am all that. I am glad he fell for me and I allowed myself to fall for him. Life never stops being a bitch but not that I have him, I can show life the middle finger.
Happy Nine months Popeye. Yes, i wont stop celebrating no matter how cheesy this is.
59 days more till we finally meet. As it boils down a number less, one day at a time....I pray that somehow magically this time passes. Long distances is no fun, its not a choice... Truth be told, I do not have a crux or magic potion to actually surviving a long distance. There will be dark hours, but they will seem less darker when you know you are doing it for the right person. At times the distance would seem ridiculous and people who say they worry about you will always tell you its a bad idea. Even How I met your Mother says Long Distance is a bad idea....remember Victoria and Ted? But now that we have seen the last episode....I guess they are up for a somersault. Enough of all that. HIMYM with all due respect is epic and lifts my mood whenever I watch it (I have all the seven seasons!), I guess they should re think their stance on a long distance :P
Raising a Litchi Juice toast to us, the reigning PJ King and PJ Queen!
P.S. I know I look more stupid than classy in this picture which is not the usual me, but hey...I am in a funny mood today!


  1. Why you stopped blogging ma'am?
    No more posts? All good??

  2. Okay, work I do understand, but life? What's so wrong about it mam?
    Was expecting more posts, but disappointed. I hope things are good with you.