Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Black Dog Lover's riches

You that feeling once you get a new dress you want shoes that match? Then a bag that complimets them both and then earrings that match just right with the magical and wonderful dress...

Now combine that with a scotch! You thought you just need a bottle of your favorite scotch and you can get on with it wild then think again! So people wanting to be a part of the classy scotch drinkers persuation there is a lot you gotta learn till you get the "scotch swag" right!

1. Whiskey Stones..
Dont you just hate it when your having whisky on the rocks and the ice is diluting and messing around with  our precious scotch?whisky stones are a great way to chill your scotch without the risk of diluting the drink. These stones are simply cubes of flavorless, odorless, non-porous soapstone that can chill your liquor without diluting it or affecting its taste.

2.The Glencairn Glass
These world renowned glasses are the best invention since sliced bread! The glass itself is very sturdy, and the tapering mouth concentrates aromas excellently and allows for ease of drinking not associated with traditional nosing glasses. Its wide bowl allows for the fullest appreciation of the whisky's color, and the solid base is designed to be easy on the hand.
This is a more obvious choice and the ones made in crystal fascinate me the most...it adds so much more cool points to your scotch obssession!When shopping for a decanter, look for a great quality manufacturer who is using high-quality materials. Shape doesn't really matter, it comes down to individual preferences.this one in the picture really caught my eye, a great design and just love the way how this golden liquid looks in it.

4.A Pocket Flask
Okay, isn't it obvious? Even though Bollywood brands people carrying pocket flasks as the young wayward rich brats and\or villain and Casanovas by extension, my dad happens to have one and I think it just looks way hot! Just don't be found boozing in a public place which is an offence...

5.Spirit Aerator
Any bartender would tell you that a scotch tastes great when aerated. Again, saw one with dad, some small ones get attached to the mouth of the bottle and as you pour your scotch gets aerated.

So this is how its done!
Also, ladies...gift your scotch lover paramours with all this great stuff and they will never thank you less!

till then, Ciao!

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