Thursday, March 7, 2013

What goes into the Black Dog Scotch? #1

(Reason why I say the Black Dog? one of a kind and the most finest scotch of India!)
So mashing, well, pretty complicated :P
the ground barley is mixed with water and is mixed at three levels...

  1. First water
  2. Second Water
  3. Third Water
Well, these are at different temperatures in an increasing order and this is done to ensure maximum ammount of grain gets dissolved in the water, still...their is some residual left behind which is used by Dairy farmers.

The solution left behind then goes through the procedure of Fermenting...well, anyone with any clue about Baking would know what this means... Basically, yeast is added to this solution (1% in volume) and then it is allowed to do its magic! (well, basically anaerobic respiration and multiplication, but yeah,saying magic also works :P)

The action of the yeast when added.
(1) The lag phase where there is little fermentation. The yeast is busy adapting itself to its new surroundings and this is the period when contaminating bacteria can cause a great deal of damage.
(2) The log phase being the period of rapid fermentation when there is a rapid rise in temperature and fermentation is so vigorous that "switchers", rotating metal blades, must be employed to keep down the frothy head.
(3) Phase of restricted growth where the fermentation slows down and eventually terminates.

AND, AND, is of utmost importance that this step is carried out in the most super duper clean, germ free environment to ensure a world class scotch by the end!

Ha! Little puppy is way to sleepy and not getting sleep...exams! exams! exams! 
Ill catch up on you guys tomorrow!

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