Saturday, August 10, 2013

Look In the Mirror

I don't remember the first time I saw her in college. I just remember that one day, cant point a finger what date it was...but I do remember she came to the department that day, in a lime green cotton sari, a plain lime green cotton sari with a border. Never seen anybody look that way in a plain cotton sari. She was a vision grace. Sr. Prof. Bani Jha. She is beautiful, her work is undoubtedly like herself.

That was second year, when we were told she will take our classes starting from the 6th semester. She would teach us Fashion Illustration and Design, one of our core subjects. She is the God herself and being taught by her, is a privilege. As for me, I never really had a good grip at the subject. I had always been a lost puppy. Until...semester 6.

"You enjoy being messy, don't you?" She said, as she looked at my assignments. I kept smiling sheepishly... I guess she was right. She asked me to grab a pencil, a sheet and did not even ask for an eraser."Your lines are an extension of who you are..."  She scribbled for me a brand new croqui ( a sketch of a  model) as she said "Don't be afraid to look in the mirror." I hardly had any clue what she meant by that, but then can only join the dots when you go backwards in life. I still have that sketch, preserved very carefully.

These words remained engraved in my mind. Fresh with the memory of how she said it. I never missed any of her classes. I would make sure I take extra time to really look myself in her class, five more minutes in front of the mirror. Figuring out what makes me "me". "Look how beautifully you style yourself..." Couldn't believe she just said that! But nothing she says is without purpose, this was again a clue. To find myself.

I was getting there and slowly it started dawning to me what she really meant. I was afraid, to embrace the little girl that I am. Intimidated maybe, by the grown up towering figures around me. Living inside me was naive girl, waiting for me to find her and let her dance on paper.

I do not know if I have made it to that point yet, where I am fully connected to that beautiful work of art inside me, but I am on my way. I also have no clue if she will remember me, the sheepish girl in her class. But the day I am sure I have found myself, I will come back to see her and tell her what her words meant and what they made out of me. They made my work more beautiful than I can ever be...

Don't be afraid to look in the in-tune with who you are and the work you do. When you reach that point, the rest just blurs in front of the grand image you have become. Seen the new Mia by Tanishq ad? Much like the ad..we all are Meghas, we just need to get there.
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