Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bloggers day out

It is rarely so that a blogger is pushed out of the confinements of his home to have fun in the sun and mingle with a bunch of beautiful girls... What? I did not tell you?! Pretty girls are my sweet spot. That and cricket. O what a day it was. Both my penchants at one sweet-mother-of-jesus stadium. Okay I wont keep you guessing. I was out there at feroz shah kotla stadium with the white mischeif gals cheering for the Delhi Daredevils. 

 Dont be decieved by their drop dead gorgeous looks and their bang on moves, these girls are more than it meets the eye. Jade, is a sports enthusiasts and holds a degree in sports management, you will be dumbfounded when you realise she follows cricket to the T. It surprising how these girls know their sport and can tell you so much about the game. Beth, on the other hand holds a degree in advertisement. Well, these are beauty with brains and the moves for you.

Interestingly, before dancing for me and teaching me their famous groove (wait for it) they made me dance on their fingers. Bollywood being a favorite of them all, I busted a move or two and the girls were kind enough to applaud. India is a special place for them all and they have grown to love it ipl after ipl. They love the food, shopping from sarojni and can utter more than just phrases in hindi. Specially fond of the bindis, Amber loves the colors of India. 

True to their promises they did teach me the glorious. 'Groove' and I, have it right here for you.


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