Sunday, February 2, 2014

..dreamer of dreams.

Just three words.. Central Saint Martin. That should be the soul reason why I should ever set my foot in London, to study at the Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design. I mean, that is building where Alexander Mcqueen once set his foot to be employed as a pattern making tutor but instead, for his exceptional talent was admitted for the master's programme.

It was in 1992 that he graduated, a graduation collection etched on the history of fashion. A collection that was inspired by the victims of Jack the ripper, an unidentified serial killer as active in the largely areas in and around the Whitechapel district of London 1888. Locks of hair were sewn onto the garments... reminding of the hair that the prostitutes sold in late nineteenth century England. His dear friend and Fashion icon Isabel Blow, fondly remembered as Issy, bought the whole collection for ₤5000. That was him, Fashion's starchild...Alexander Mcqueen. I am me, the little girl from nowhere, eyes so big that you can almost take a peek at my dreams. How am I ever gonna find myself on the stair case of Central Saint Martin's? I mean look at the building, I must just hug the building and laugh if ever in my wildest dreams I get there. The road is long but I have taken the first step, I made myself look through the details of that dream course I wanted, sent in a mail to Indian representatives from the university. Hoping my portfolio is one in a million... maybe a little mojo from Mcqueen's angel could help? (Dear Sir, if you can see me writing this, please please please bless me so that I can walk into your footsteps?)

"We are the music makers, dreamer of dreams" I hear myself think... and then Willy Wonka dancing about me. Its hard not to dream. What can I not do to be there, to learn from the greats and be like the greatest in fashion? And that too in London, live in front of me would be the Big Ben and the land of lovable Mr. Bean. Willy Wonka right now is just telling me about his glass elavator and how everything is possible.... Maybe I will get in? Maybe I will too be like Stella McCartney,  defining fashion everyday throughout the world with my pencil... even if that is a long shot, I will be there at CSM, the epicentre for art and design, just learning there would make this journey of mine in the field of design so much more relevant.

Who knows what's in store? Just closing my eyes to the unknown, putting my hand out for a big pleasant surprise.

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  1. I'm sure it a lovely institution to be a part of... had I walked across it I'd have thought, 'Do they have a one-month course too?'

    Arvind Passey