Friday, February 14, 2014

The Man I am waiting for

Dear you,

You know who you are, you sly fellow. Another Valentine's without you, was I waiting for something to happen? Yes. But dog poo on my shoe? No. But that's another thing...universe has a way of messing with me particularly on valentine's. Lets talk about you.

I wonder where you are right now, while reading this...I dont know when you will discover this silly note. Wonder what you are wearing, what colour t shirt...what is the text sprawled across it? I wonder how you smell. I bet all of it is just perfect. Don't laugh, I am only just crazy about you.

You know, sometimes I just sit around thinking about how life will be with you someday. Two silly people being lazy all day and somehow I picture this with a fuzzy and fat cat in the house, just makes the whole fantasy complete. Oh, and hot cocoa in the evenings as we watch some silly tv series that we like (I hope you like HIMYM, Glee, New Girl, The Big Banf Theory, Seinfeld, Two Broke Girls...I dont know, pick any. not gonna watch Game of thrones and Breaking Bad, I think it would be just right if I slept off in your shoulder because you feel just so warm and you wouldn't mind if I drool in front of you.

Maybe I could bake stuff for you, cookies, cupcakes, puddings and what not..they may suck sometimes but I guess you will eat them clean anyway, because you are crazy for me like that. Each day I will cheer you on with love notes on the mirror and on your packed lunches, your favourite things..all your favourite things. We will go on impromptu picnics, just some random places under the sun.. holding hands, spending time looking at things, people, each other... I want to see this wonderful world with you, just go anywhere we want. Would you like to hold hands and swim in the great barrier reef? Do you think you want to stand with me as we watch the northern lights? Can we please, please see Cuba, and all the other beautiful places like that? Taste all of the world's cheeses.... watch Funny Girl at Broadway. Also, every year dress as a couple on comic con? I have a feeling that with you, all of these dreams would come true.

The clouds are still rumbling and this day is coming to an end, maybe by the next year I will be with you and our cat, just being lazy having a hell of day...


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  1. Ah! well, you write with so much of heart that someone quite as distant as me would feel the fascination of your words with as much warmth as the person sitting beside you. Just lovely! Keep writing.